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Picture perception test (ppt)

Picture perception test is yet another test to be successfully completed by the candidates appearing for SSB examination. While appearing for this test one should know that what is the meaning of this test and what is the reason behind conducting this test.

Meaning of picture perception test

This test is yet another form of psychological test. In this test the candidates are shown pictures related to different themes one after the other. Each pictures are shown to the candidate for about half a minute after this the candidate are asked to write a story on the pictures shown to them according to their perception about whatever they saw in the pictures.
The pictures shown to the candidate would always lack details. Therefore you will have to complete the story with the use of your creativity and imagination. It does not matter if you are not able to write like writer your story must be framed well enough to depict your perceptions about the pictures.
Reason or importance of conducting this test
 If you are trying to qualify in the SSB and joining the prestigious Indian army then you must be well understood with the fact that in the army you will be trained physically and mentally to survive in rigorous conditions.
In the course of time when you will be getting trained in the SSB. You will need to go under extreme physical and mental pressure and in order to overcome this pressure you must need to carry a strong and positive perception.
This test helps out the examiners to evaluate the attitude and perception of the candidates appearing for the qualification in the SSB. This is why this test is an important test to be conducted in the SSB exam and again this is an important test to be qualified by YOU.


  •       All you need is to carry a positive attitude and clear perception about the things around you.
  •      You are not a professional writer so instead of using more words you should try to use your imagination and creativity.
  •      Free your mind with all the thoughts other than your test! And describe whatever comes to your mind in the first place once the pictures are displayed to you.


This is a very small example of what you might face in the actual test.


How many kittens are there?
Write a story about the picture displayed.