Saturday, March 2, 2013

Word Association Test (WAT) SSB interview

Share knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality- Jai Hind

Atom : In the field of nuclear and atomic research, India has always proved its worth to the world.

Duty : It is our duty to think and act for the betterment of the society both in national and global terms.

Help : India helped Bangladesh to win the 1971 war against pakistan and gain independence.

Character : our character is but the manifestation of our inner self and our behavioral output.

Impossible : The winner always finds some possibility in every impossible task.

Fear : Fear is a word that goes missing in Indian Armed Forces.

Flower : Flower and a baby smile are the two most beautiful creation of God.

Life : History tells that the lives of no great persons were without suffering and hurdles.

Understand : Understanding is only half education, realization within makes education worth.

Heart : A true Indian is one whose heart cries when he finds his fellow countrymen in pain.

Fit : A wise mind and a fit body are the most treasured gem of every youth.

Good : To be a good leader it is essential to be high on our values and compassion.

Playground : Playground is one place where even enemy become friends.

Responsibility : It is our sense of responsibility that moulds us into a true citizen of our country.

Book : Book provides knowledge , which in turn enhance our wisdom.

Sword : A great leader can win a battle even without using a single strike of the sword.

Plane : The Gangetic planes in India stretches over a vast area in the northern and central part of the country.

Popular : The greatness of any deed is measured not by its popularity but by the good it brings in the society.

Power : Decentralized power is what the need of the hour for a balanced globalization.

Quit : A winner never quits a job until it is completed.

Revenge : Revenge has seldom been beneficiary to any nation.

Shy : Women in todays world are no longer shy in competing with their male counterparts.

Creativity : Creativity is best manifested in solitude.

Secret : Digital camouflage helps fighters to accomplish mission secretly.

Leaf : Chlorophyll in green leaves prepare carbohydrate for the plant.

Wine : A good book is as addictive as vintage wine.

Love : A wise person always commands love, never demands it.

Sympathy : A winner never seeks nor does show sympathy, he commands empathy.

Tough : Effective planning and organisation leads to success even in the toughest of times.

Tomorrow : India is probable superpower of tomorrows world.

Travel : Travelling is in one form, an adventurous hobby.

Will : It was his will power that made Stephen Hawkins d greatest scientist of our times.

principle : An army officer must always be a man of principle.

Order : It is the duty of the police to maintain law and order in the country.


  1. sentences are too big...

  2. we r given with only 15 secnds to write the sentences....
    they r too long..

  3. This is soo ridiculous. They are Much longer than actuality.