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PABT - Pilot Aptitude Battery Test

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Pilot Aptitude Battery Test is an ability test intended and conducted for all those candidates who desire and apply for a flying career in the Air Force. The main intend is to test the
psychological attentiveness, presence of mind and self-confidence of the candidate. It checks whether a potential candidate has proper control over his anxiety while he is flying an aircraft. For this, the candidate is put through tests including meter reading, flying test and drum test. You can take the test only once.       

PABT or Pilot Aptitude and Battery Test is done by the Indian air force to screen out the candidates with the all the qualities required to become an air warrior of the flying branch in the prestigious Indian air force. This test was designed by DRDO scientists mainly, is to find the candidate’s ability, presence of mind, control of his limbs and nerves, fast response, judging power.
‘It is said that leaders can never be made they are born as a leader’. This is what the candidates are tested about in the PABT test.  The overall aim is to find our attitude and mind set potential by nature to become a pilot and not merely training.
The PABT test is allowed to be appeared by a particular candidate once in a lifetime .this means that you can appear for this exam only once in your life, The only exam which can take you to your dream of becoming an air force officer.
This calls for an utmost concentration and attention while you are appearing for the exam .Now that you know why this test is so important to be conducted by the air force officials.
Following are the test that are undertaken in the PABT:

The PABT test is divided into three major parts,

Written Test or Instrument Reading

The Light Control Test or Sensory Motor Apparatus

Drum Test or Control of Velocity Test

Written test or instrument reading:

Magnetic Compass

Artificial Horizon


Turn and back indicator

Climb and Descent indicator

Air Speed Indicator

This is a written test type.  The aim of this test is to find the ability of the candidate to read different instruments in short span of time.  The images of different instruments with different readings are given in a paper.  The number of questions given here are 60 and time given to answer all these are only 20 minutes. 

The instrument images given are of nearly six types such as follows:-
The aim of this test is to find the reflexes, mental alertness capabilities of a candidate.   It is used to find our co-operation between our hands, legs and mind.  Here a seat is given to the candidate and a screen is before them.  There are two light spots in colors red and yellow which are flashed off and on the screen.

The candidates are given clear explanation and practice demo for this test by the officers.  Also you are given one time practice before attending this test. 

The instruments given to them to do this machine tests are:

A hand operated stick –

This controls the movement of the spot of light on the screen in up and down movements.

Foot pedals –

There are two foot pedals at left and right.  The left foot pedals moves the movement of light to left and the right foot pedal moves the movement of light to the right side.

Light Lever –

The lever is provided which is to be handled by hand is used to on and off the light.  i.e.  When it is moved forward, it puts off red light and when it is moved backward it puts off yellow light. 

This test is used to find our capacity to control the velocity.If you want to clear the PABT all you need to do is to completely free your mind from all sort of thoughts and concentrate on the instructions being delivered by the officers.

Guys you are going to serve our country the best way a human can do so here is a salute to all of you from our team.
All the best!


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