Thursday, August 9, 2012

Group task obstacle SSB (GTO)

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Group task obstacle
Group task obstacles can also be explained the tasks that are provided to the candidates to be completed by them. Each task is to be done being the member of the group. This is an important test because it gives the chance to the SSB aspirants to discover and show their own abilities and capabilities to work in and handle a group. It also helps the examiners to identify the candidates individual potential of leading and managing a group and taking decisions required to complete the task well in time.

In this test the obstacles or the task provided are of following types.:  

  •    Progressive group task      
  •    Half group task   
  •    Individual obstacles    
  •    Final group task

Progressive group task or PGT:

In this test the candidates are divided into groups and the each group is assigned with some task to be completed by it within a time frame of 40 to 60 minutes. In this test you will have to cross each obstacle along with your group carrying some loads. Some helping material is provided to carry the load but until even if one group member is still completing the task the  rest of the group cannot move on to the next level or next obstacle, after all this is what you call a group task right.
In this test there is no leader announced for the group, so you have an equal and fair chance to exhibit your skill and leadership abilities in crossing the entire obstacle while managing the whole group together.
Half group task:
It is obvious that everybody is not a born leader and despite of having the potential of becoming one some people fail to do so out of their communication problem or shy nature and sometimes both.
In order to assess their abilities this test is conducted. In this test the group is divided in to half that is if there are 10 to 20 people in the whole group it will be then further divided into the group of 5 to 10 people.
This gives a chance to each group member to put forward his strategy for crossing the obstacles and they can analyze the best method possible. The rules are same as PGT and the helping materials are also provided.

Individual obstacles:
As the name clears itself the purpose of this test. This test is done to assess the individual candidate’s stamina, his endurance, his analyzing ability and all the else it takes to clear those obstacles presented before him.
In this test the obstacles are marked with point’s .i.e., the total number of obstacles is 10 and the time limit to cross those obstacles is 3 minutes.  The total marks are 55.
                                             I.e. 1+2+3456+7+8+9+10 = 55
The obstacle with highest level of difficulty scores the maximum of 10. 
Final group task:
This is the last and the final test where you can display your capabilities before the examiner if you want to score a chance in the SSB.this test is same as the PGT and HGT, the difference is that in the previous two you had to cross many obstacle but in this final test you will have to cross only one.
Yes, one and this would be your final call to give your best shot as far the question of being a good leader stands. You need to not only lead but you need to manage people being competitor turned group mates which is again a very difficult task as they would need a good reason to rely on your strategy to cross the obstacle.
In this test all you need to do is think fast, express convincingly and communicate correctly. It is advisable you give more than one ways possible to complete the task successfully in the minimum possible time. The other rules are same as the previous except the number of obstacles.


  1. candidates doesn't listen to ideas of each others ideas...
    how to over come it?

  2. In SSB GD , everyone is in hurry to put on his points and ideas so that he get a chance to save his place in the mean time all they forgot is listen to the ideas of others (which is also very very important).

    In my experience I have seen a strong candidate always listen to the ideas of others and then represent the same ideas in a very impressive manner ( coz usually candidates fails in representing their ideas). So the most important thing is the representation of ideas , representation which binds all the candidates in ssb GD force them to listen to you.

    So all that important is to represent your ideas in an effective manner .its d REPRESENTATION (not the idea) which force other candidates to listen to you.

    Strong representation comes with
    -> body language
    -> gestures
    -> confidence
    -> your way of talking ( & explaining)

    if still you have any confusion let me know i love love to write a complete and explained article on how you can overcome it.


  3. hi..i have been attemptingmany ssbs past didnt go well coz i gudn do my gtos and interview well..kindly helpme in gto section spl hgt pgt and command task

  4. Hi can u brings us some practicals, i mean what kind of group task and pictures they shows in for PPDT and what is the best idea or answer they want to hear?